• Carpet Cleaning Bournemouth

    11 November 2018 Update: If you’re interested in the best services handling carpet cleaning in Bournemouth, you may have already done a lot of research on the matter, especially considering all the opinions and tips available on the internet. 

    Unfortunately, choosing the right service is not always an easy task. Despite what some people might think, there are quite a few misconceptions about carpet cleaners, and without knowing about them, you can easily fall into the trap of either hiring an overrated service, paying too much for standard carpet cleaning, or neglecting some of the best carpet cleaning methods.

    All Carpet Cleaning Services Are the Same

    You’ve probably heard this one when it comes to carpet cleaning in Bournemouth and as well as in other areas. People actively believe that all carpet cleaning services do the same thing, and as a result, there is no reason why someone should pay more for the same service. Logic would dictate that you should simply go for the cheapest cleaners, right?

    The bad news is, it simply doesn’t work like that. In fact, all carpet cleaning services are practically different, not only regarding their cleaning methods and specific approach for dealing with various types of carpets but also in terms of their selling point and marketing approach. 

    While some will advertise reduced prices to get you to call – only to later try and convince you to pay various hidden fees – others may ask for a lot of upfront payments, without really delivering on the quality they boasted with. Under such circumstances, it is often much better to just hire a service in exchange for a slightly higher fee, but at least to make sure that you get the quality you’ve paid for. Check Carpet Cleaning GENIE's website for more tips and tricks on this.

    The Cleaning Equipment Is the Most Important Factor

    Cleaning equipment is undoubtedly important when it comes to cleaning carpets. In fact, many agencies dealing with carpet cleaning in Bournemouth buy a lot of expensive equipment to ensure higher quality.

    However, don’t let yourself fooled by appearances since not everyone is able to use a complex machine or an expensive cleaning agent to its highest potential. To avoid any problems here, always make sure that the carpet cleaning service you hire trains its cleaning technicians to properly use high powered cleaning tools, hi-tech vacuums or any other type of equipment they are provided with.

    Carpet Cleaning Is More Expensive than Other Services

    As a rule, cleaning services differ greatly when it comes to the fees you have to pay for them. Some will charge you less than ten pounds per hour, while others will ask for double, or even triple that amount while charging much higher fees for one-off services.

    This applies to every kind of cleaning service, however, not just to carpet cleaning in Bournemouth or the surrounding regions. So, especially if you follow some of the most well-known online listing websites, you might find it quite easy to locate a carpet cleaning service offering quality services at an overall decent price.

    One Carpet Cleaning Method Is as Good as Any Other

    This is another widespread misconception that simply isn’t true. You can, in fact, use several different methods, each being suitable to certain types of carpets or cleaning goals.

    Essentially, there are two main approaches to carpet cleaning: dry cleaning and hot water extraction. While the latter is considered by some to be the best, having been recommended by some of the world’s leading carpet cleaning companies, dry cleaning is also effective in some instances.

    Dry-foam and dry-chem methods are two of the more well-known dry carpet cleaning techniques, however, they are not considered to be as effective as hot water extraction – which basically uses hot water cleaning solution at high pressure to allow for effective results with deep restorative cleaning.

    There Are Fewer Companies Specialising in Carpet Cleaning

    Again, this is a grave misconception and one that can even prevent you from finding the type of service you need. Especially if you live in the Bournemouth area, and you’re interested in finding reliable carpet cleaning in Bournemouth, you’ll see that many cleaning companies have carpet cleaning as their unique selling point.

    A particularly proficient carpet cleaning service in the area is TotalClean Solutions. We offer multiple domestic cleaning solutions for every household, and whether your rugs are new, old, ragged or well-kept, our expert cleaners will provide a careful evaluation and decide on the best means to tackle the issue in any situation.

    Carpet cleaning has evolved a great deal in the past few years, and you’ll find that even the least expensive services offer a certain level of basic quality. On the other hand, for just a few extra pounds, you can gain the support of one of the best cleaning agencies dealing with carpet cleaning Bournemouth, and say goodbye to all your problems in a single day!