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  • TotalClean: Highly Professional Carpet Cleaners in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch

    If you want your carpets to be really clean, just contact TotalClean, your professional carpet cleaners in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. We have been working in this field for several years and many clients, throughout the county, appreciate our work and always hire us for carpet cleaning  jobs.

    Our company services homeowners, associations, companies and institutions in Bournemouth, Poole, but also other locations in the county of Dorset. Among the most frequent services requested by our clients is carpet and upholstery cleaning, and for all the right reasons.

    Dealing with dirty carpets is a difficult and unpleasant task for the regular homeowner. All sorts of stains, including highly resistant ones, dust, dirt, pet hair and much more, need to be efficiently removed, with minimum effort and time waste. How to do this?

    We have just what you need. Our advanced technology and highly trained staff make us unique among other carpet cleaners in Bournemouth.

    Don't GAMBLE! When Choosing A Local, Carpet Cleaning Company

  • What Exactly Are Our Procedures?

    The main technique we use for getting rid of dirt and dust is hot water extraction. It is not that new, but it is hardly available to most people, due to the high costs of the devices used. While regular vacuum cleaning removes only superficial dirt particles from carpet fibers, steam cleaning allows in-depth dirt and dust removal. It is no wonder that all carpet manufacturers recommend it.

    • For tough stain and grease, we use pre-spotting and pre-spraying chemicals (non-toxic and environmentally friendly, do not worry about this) to soften them. Then, we are able to remove them in a surprisingly easy way. We would not be the top carpet cleaners in Bournemouth if we did not have our tricks.
    • Using our high-tech equipment, we properly rinse your carpets, so no detergent residues are left behind. Such residues usually cause big problems, making your carpets get dirty again much faster. But, using our techniques, we make sure such problems will not occur.[/list]










    We Are Here to Serve You

    • To get our professional help, just contact us, via e-mail, phone or visiting our office.
    • We usually send one of our employees for an evaluation visit. It is optional, but highly recommended, because it will help us understand better your problems and prepare for the actual job.
    • We always explain to our client all the details and costs of the operation.
    • We design a schedule that meets our client’s and we choose solutions that are suitable for his budget. Flexibility is another thing that makes us stand out among professional carpet cleaners in Bournemouth.
    • The whole operation will take the least time possible. To allow you to walk on your carpets before they dry, we will give all your family members surgeon booties.


    So, do not hesitate! Whenever you need to clean your carpets, just contact The Carpet Butler, the top carpet cleaners in Bournemouth, at 01202 509 337.