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    With professional carpet cleaning, in Southampton, homeowners can extend the life of their carpets. There is nothing like the feel of brand new, fresh carpet under your toes. The way one’s feet feel when they sink into the soft carpet fibres makes many people wish they could keep it this way forever.

    However, many of us already know that, as time passes, carpets get stained, begin to wear down and get matted together. This is especially true for the ones in the high traffic areas of your home.

    The best way to rejuvenate your carpet, and make sure it stays like new is to have it cleaned regularly. The cost of carpet cleaning in Southampton is fairly inexpensive and makes it easy to extend the life of your carpet. With the help of our carpet cleaning experts, you can rest assured that your carpet will remain like new for a long time to come.

    Types of professional carpet cleaning

    There are a number of methods to choose from for your carpet cleaning in Southampton. These methods include:

    1. Shampoo carpet cleaning – It is an older method that does not require the use of water. It is best used for cleaning carpets in areas that experience high levels of foot traffic. The method has become outdated, because it can cause a number of problems. Shampoo carpet cleaning uses a large amount of foam that is made of a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate. The sodium lauryl sulfate became unpopular with carpet cleaners and homeowners, because it leaves a residue behind that attracts dirt, causing the need for more frequent cleaning.
    2. Steam cleaning – Deep steam cleaning is one of the most commonly used methods of carpet cleaning in Southampton. It involves the use of hot water to loosen and pull dirt and grime out of the carpet. Despite the term used to describe it, the cleaning process does not involve the use of steam.
    3. Dry carpet cleaning – Like steam cleaning and despite the term used to describe it, dry carpet cleaning does involve the use of some moisture, but far less than steam cleaning. The cleaning operations can be performed using one of three different techniques. Each one uses a chemical solution and a minimal amount of moisture to clean the carpet.


  • Advantages of regular carpet cleaning

    Regular carpet cleaning in Southampton is important for the health of your carpets, as well as for the health of your family. Making your carpets look brand new again is one of the many wonderful benefits that our technicians provide. In addition to freshly cleaned carpets, there are a lot of other advantages that you can enjoy.

    1. Extend your carpets’ lifespan – Dirt and grime can easily build up on your carpets and embed in them. If the build-up remains on the carpet for an extended period of time, the dirt particles will begin to act as tiny little razors and slice the individual fibres of the carpet. By vacuuming your carpets at least once a week, accompanied by frequent and thorough deep cleanings, you can lengthen their lifespan for many years.
    2. Remove allergens from your carpets – Professional carpet cleaning in Southampton is essential for the removal of harmful allergens and toxins that are usually attracted by the carpets from the air in the room. Toxins can seriously affect your home’s air quality. Many homeowners are unaware that poor indoor air quality has been found to be a leader in pollution problems. This can be especially dangerous to family members that suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. The toxins are often carried inside the home through the dirt from your shoes and clothing. Once the dirt falls off, it lodges in the carpets and creates a terrible problem if the carpets are not properly treated. With our professional carpet cleaning services, you can easily reduce the risk of harmful toxins and dust mites.

    Professional carpet cleaning in Southampton

    There are a number of household carpet cleaners that can be easily purchased in stores, and there are companies that rent them at affordable prices. While these machines can be great for upkeep or the removal of minor stains, they are nowhere near as powerful as the tools used by professional carpet cleaners (us included) and cannot take their place.

    Household and rented steam cleaners can also favour the development of mold and mildew in your carpets or padding. This often occurs when homeowners use too much water during the cleaning practice, and do not properly suction it out. The water sets into the carpets and causes the growth of mold and mildew.

    If your carpet could use a good cleaning, leave the heavy duty work to us. With our professional carpet cleaning in Southampton, you can relax as we renew your carpet and rid it of harmful toxins.