• Rug Cleaning

  • What to Avoid When Considering Viable Practices for Rug Cleaning in Bournemouth

    While regular carpets might be easy to clean, rug cleaning in Bournemouth is a much more challenging prospect for most homeowners. This is particularly true when the rug you want to clean is especially fragile or valuable.

    There are many scams, inappropriate cleaning techniques and unreliable companies out there that you need to look out for – particularly when it comes to expensive oriental rugs, some of which may be seen by some entrepreneurs as an opportunity to make a lot more money than they should.

    Simple and Expensive Rugs

    An important part of the process, whether you want to determine the service offering rug cleaning in Bournemouth that you should opt for, or you just want to determine whether or not the carpet is valuable enough to clean, is to evaluate it.

    In some cases, old, oriental carpets have been passed down through generations for more than 100 years, and their owners have no idea of their value or fragile state. Some of these carpets can be ruined quite quickly by an inexperienced cleaner, but most importantly, they can also be exploited.

    Experts suggest that you should always steer clear of the cheapest rug cleaning services in your local area when you’re trying to have an overly fragile rug cleaned. Also, try to avoid as much as possible any carpet cleaning service that would suggest cleaning your carpet for a fee equal to a percentage of its appraisal value.

    The latter is a significantly disturbing method that only a few carpet cleaners employ. They essentially tell you that your carpet is worth a lot of money – even if it might not be that valuable – and then they say they will “only” charge you a small percentage of that sum which is still quite a large amount.

    It’s easy to see why having your rug’s value properly appraised by an expert should be one of the most important points on your agenda. As long as you have that information, it will be much easier to find an honest and reliable service, dealing with rug cleaning in Bournemouth, that can solve your problem without delay.

  • Can You Clean Your Own Oriental Rugs?

    Now, if you don’t want to deal with scammers, you can also consider cleaning your own regular or oriental rugs. While some rugs are basic and somewhat easy to clean – at least when they do not require deep cleaning – many oriental rugs are much more of a challenge.

    In any type of rug cleaning, some or even all of the following issues can arise:

    • One of the most common problems with most rugs is that, if they are left wet for an extended period of time, or if the cleaning process goes wrong and excessive water is used, the darker colours tend to overflow into the white areas next to them, sometimes even ruining the rug completely.
    • The fringes are particularly difficult to clean. In some cases, they will require two or three additional cleaning sessions, and it can be quite difficult to keep them in perfect order throughout the entire process.
    • A drying rug left on an underlying carpet or hardwood floor can also lead to risky consequences, as excess dye can often transfer to the floor below.
    • In certain cases, the drying process can be so slow that mould will start to form on the carpet. After that, you might as well start the entire cleaning process all over again.

    The only way to completely avoid these problems is to actually hire a professional that deals quite regularly with rug cleaning in Bournemouth. Experienced cleaning technicians know exactly how to handle fringes and make sure drying cycles are adjusted just right. Also, they can provide the benefit of a good insurance policy, in case anything goes wrong.

  • In Search for Rug Cleaning Experts

    As you can see, rug cleaning in Bournemouth – or anywhere else for that matter – is not always easy. When you’re a cleaner with a fair level of experience in the matter, however, any task becomes much less challenging than it is for most.

    You will do well to start your search by focusing on the reputation of various rug cleaning services. If a company has been in business for too short a time to even have online reviews, and if you can’t find too many references either, then it might be best to keep looking.

    One of the best services you can try in the Bournemouth area it TotalClean Solutions – a well-known company that can provide you with highly skilled, professionally trained cleaning technicians targeting practically any type of cleaning job. We, here at TotalClean, have also had great success with rug cleaning, being actively praised for our attention to detail and professional approach.

    Of course, we invite you to do your own research and make up your own mind about the services you should ultimately choose. You will see that rug cleaning in Bournemouth is a piece of cake when working with us!